Verily Children; one is born searching for the Truth; the century – for – century awaited Revelation starts off for the world of acknowledge; your Creator makes use of Living Doctrines to make the worlds progress; in the Past, He sent you the Mosaic Law; the Christian Doctrine followed; the third one, which is starting, is the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; this Doctrine will also be called Heavenly Science; its origin is in the same elements of nature; the Telepathic Writing is the means of communication of which the Creator of the Universe makes use; it has always been so; in the Past the prophets ‘ doctrines used to be receive by means of telepathy; for all things have a beginning and a raison d´être; the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; has got no end; because the Universe has not; and for that very reason, it will be spread all over the earth; it will be translated into all the languages of the world; its influence will be so, that it will make the exploiting materialism collapse; for a New Morality comes into the world; the Single Morality of the Millennium of Peace; the Doctrines of the Eternal Father always transform the worlds; just like it happened in the Past of the earth; the New Revelation was requested by the present human spirits; and it was granted to them; all instant lived in your existences, you requested it and it was granted to you; the New Revelation is the continuum of the Holy Scriptures; one thing is to be studious of the Sacred Scriptures, and quite another thing is to be religious; the first one is eternal for your spirit always searches for its own origin; the second one is faith trade; the religious groups are the first ones to be accused before the world; in the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; the so-called religious groups have divided the world in their human morality; they have no right to do such a thing; they have forgotten that there is one God only; one single Truth; ONLY SATAN DIVIDES AGAINST HIMSELF; the religious spirits are the same pharisees of the Roman epoch; they requested the Creator to be born again and mend errors of the Past; and the test was given to them; do not forget you religious groups of the world, that all spirit is tested out in the destiny that they chose; you, spirits of the rock, did the same in distant worlds; you divided other flocks; you led other creatures into spiritual confusion; you filled up many planets with material temples; and you did it once more on the earth; that is why you will be judged firstly; upon transgressing the Law, you turn into the same anti-Christ; and all transgressor of the Commandments is certainly one; you say the holy mother church; and I say unto you that no one in this world is a holy man or a holy woman; true humility needs no titles which are unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; even your microscopic planet is unknown; only the Father and certain prophets know the dust-planet called earth; the reason for that is that the Living Universe of the Father Jehovah has no end; and whosoever considers himself to be great, they are not; because of you the word harlot was written; for you trade with my divine Law; BLIND LEADING THE BLIND; who lead other blind into your errors; when the New Doctrine spreads over, your spiritual selfish rock will be split; the word rock does not symbolize eternity at all; the earth is temporary and not everlasting; you believe that your church is everlasting; the events that are to come, will make you see the light; only the ones lowly in heart, have won the eternity; but not, those who teach the morality in immorality; when my First-born Son said in the past of the earth: UPON THIS ROCK I WILL I BUILD MY CHURCH, he said so foreseeing the humankind’s Future; for the Solar Trinity is everywhere; it is also in the Living Times: Past, Present and Future; And what did he foresee? He foresaw all of your transgressions; he foresaw how you would persecute innocent creatures; because they did not agree on your ideas; he foresaw how you would send them to the stake; he foresaw how you would persecute the great studious and writers; just because of the only fact of making you see the light; he foresaw how you would crown earthly kings; being conscious you selfish rock, that there is one King of Kings only; the divine Father; the one who grants and takes away life; the title of king belongs to the Heavenly World; the daemon is called king-spirit; the Commandments do not teach you how to become a king; they command to be meek above all ; He foresaw how you would bless the weapons with which the children of the Father kill one another; being conscious you, daemons, that the divine Commandment says: THOU SHALT NOT KILL; He foresaw the faith trade; and He foresaw all kind of immorality in your spirits; it would have better for you not have requested life again rather than committed transgression once more; your religious groups are unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; just like all morality, which aims to disunited the faith of the children of the Father, is unknown; the Sole Temple known in the Kingdom, is the Temple of Labour; Labour is the oldest existing Command; Labour was and is carried out in Colossal Worlds before your microscopic planet was born; the Temple of Labour never returns to dust; your material temples do return to dust; and along with them the materialistic worshipping disappears on this planet; a sort of worshipping that should have never been taught; because of this kind of worshipping that is based upon hypocrisy, the world has been delayed in twenty centuries; in its moral and spiritual realm.- 

Yay little son; this Heavenly Drawing means that all kind of justice comes out in the very same way as the beings are reproduced; all of the human spirits witnessed this justice in the Kingdom of Heavens; because everyone was granted to see thier own justice; everything exists in the Kingdom of Heavens; no one comes to the world spiritually blind; justice is adjusted to your deeds; because everyone promised to make his own Heaven; justice has its Law in the Living Commandments; which are the same Measure with which you will be meted; each of your ideas has an intention; and every intention becomes physical and alive in the Kingdom; the intention is judged when the spirit has committed transgression against it; the human body is the product of Magnetic Laws; passed in the Macrocosm; and called Divine Laws; whosoever denies being divine in the microscopic thing that they represent, they disown the Father; who wants the best for his children, and whosoever disowns the Father, deny their own eternity; since his mind is read in numberless heavens; and when these heavenly creatures, read in the spirits, they do so judging; whosoever disowns the Father, the Living Heavens also deny him the entrance; what is done below, has a repercussion above; and wherever your spirit might go, the Law is the same; my Commands are the same above as well as below; what changes is the philosophy that one lives for an instant; your justice is and will be spiritual; material matters do not remain in your salt of life; in your knowledge; the single reality for all spirit is the eternity that they live; it is not the ephemeral; that they felt when they had a physical body; body of flesh that they requested; and it was granted to them; to grant a physical body, is not like granting any other thing; the body is a living being which also requested such a physical geometry for a moment; and it was granted to it; the inheritance is the same in everybody; matter and spirit have got equal rights; both of them make requests; spiritual laws and material laws are blended; they are known in the Kingdom of Heavens, as the Ark of Covenants; because a spirit’s materialization, is not made by chance; it is made with responsibility; to say the contrary is to undervalue oneself; and whosoever undervalues himself,  undervalues the Father; who is in him; Were you not taught that your Creator is everywhere? In the imagined and unimagined? Certainly you know it by word of mouth; but, not through your own knowledge; because of your own effort; by the sweat of thy brow; owing to  your own merit; SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND; because you are rewarded to the same extent as you made use of  in the greatest quest; for you may search for many things in your existences; but if you do not search for the Father who grant your life, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; the ungrateful have never entered; only the ones lowly in heart; those who endured their own trials in life; because they themselves requested the trials in the Kingdom; every trial that you go through in life at each instant, each second, was requested; and it was granted to you; even the way and characteristics of your deaths were requested by you; and within your trials, you requested to pursue the highest Morality; the only one; for without it you will never enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; and you requested such a Morality to be taught to you on earth; and the divine Commandments were granted to you; they are the measure; for by means of them you will be judged; and it will be so until the consummation of this planet; the human spirits could obviously never study me; but, not living in the Morality of my Commandments, that is darkness; for you would never enter where the Father is; the time that you would be far from the Light is so extraordinary, that you would have to be born again to be able to read the figure; something which is not in your microscopic evolution; the kind of justice that you requested, starts with the most microscopic thing that your mind can conceive; it certainly was so, because the very least, the meek, is first in everything; first in the Kingdom of Heavens and its divine Justice; and first before the divine Father Jehovah; and the most microscopic thing that your mind can conceive, is your ideas; the same which you generate daily; the same which you requested in the Kingdom; the same that you feel and do not see; all of your ideas, travel physically to outer space; they have the same rights as you do; you requested to be born in the matter; so did they; you requested to live in a time and space; so did your ideas; as above is below; the inheritance of things requested is the same in everyone; the gigantic make requests and so do the microscopic; matter makes requests and so does the living nothingness; and everything is granted by the Father; for he is Infinite; your ideas travel over in space, unheard distances; distances that you will never be able to figure out; only the Father knows; your ideas are known in the Kingdom, as Galactic Seed; for out of them your worlds of your own heaven are created; it was written in my free Will: EACH ONE MAKES UP HIS OWN HEAVEN; for everybody has got microscopically, the Father’s Inheritance; what the Father owns, the children own it; as it occurs with the earthly parents; their hereditary characteristics are transmitted to the children; as above is below; the inheritance granted by your Father, was that of innocence and lack of philosophy; for it is your free will the one that chooses; and everything that you have been, is your merit; for everything is gained by the sweat of thy brow, with spiritual effort; there is nothing in the Creation of the Father, that takes no effort; everything costs and will take effort; for without each one’s spiritual merit, no one can enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; the comforts of your world, are worthless in the Kingdom; any sort of comfort fulfilled in the world, is a prize already enjoyed; and due to this it was written: AND THEY HAVE THEIR REWARD; any sort of material enjoyment has got no merit in Heaven; and by no means at all when such enjoyments, are the product of a kind of philosophy that did not take at all the Commandments of the Father into consideration ; such kind of philosophy has its days numbered; for the Creator gives and takes away; your materialistic philosophy, will be cut off from its expansion; for there is a time for everything; for everything is relative to the Commandments of the Father; a relativity that you yourselves requested in your test of life; the collapse of your own system of life, is the downfall of your own yoke; it will be the Greatest Event for the meek; the exploited and despised; for everybody is equal before God; no one was born rich and no one was born poor; such situation was created by ambitious spirits; those who only live in a single present time; the spirits in the highest retardation of their evolution; they have done nothing more than subjugate the world with their narrow-minded way of thinking before the eternity; all of these demons, will be judged by the world itself; for no one wants the condemnation of their soul; the Light of the Doctrine of the Lamb of God, will transform the world; for it is written so in the Kingdom of Heavens; the world earth has done the opposite to what it was commanded; for centuries and centuries my divine Commandment has been letting you know that the meek is first; in all order of things; And what have you done with the Heavenly Command? Do my meek ones rule the world, since they are first in all things? Certainly not; for I see that every meek is despised; he cannot stand out in this immorality that you call higher society; and with which right  assists you to have created such a kind of society? Is it maybe in my Scriptures? Verily I say unto you demons of vanity, that every philosophical tree that the Creator did not plant, will be uprooted; every living evolution is just so; and who created you and crowned you as kings? Do you not know that only the divine Father is King of Kings? And the title of king is not of this world; it belongs to the Heavenly World; Satan is called king-spirit; the divine Commandments teach to be meek above all ; they do not teach how to become a king; verily I say unto you demons of the accursed nobility, that none of you will enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; and along with you, your children up to the third generation will not enter either; for in the Living Universe of the Father Jehovah, any kind of inheritance is transmitted; no one should have been conceited even for a microscopic second of time; all it takes is a second or less of transgression, and no one enters into the Kingdom of Heavens; accursed kings of the world; your children’s innocence, will curse you; for because of you, they will not enter into the Kingdom; and together with them, everyone who served you in your accursed philosophy; no demon called noble will enter into the Kingdom; for in the Kingdom only the merit of Labour is known; the Universal Philosophy; that every meek and honest  one requested; those who were and are kings on the earth, were and are spirits fascinated with vanity; they have in their spirits, the galactic influence of other existences; existences where everything was material splendour and no intellectuality at all; a salt of life common in darkness; and there is no demon that has not been a king in some world; this philosophy is led by satan himself; from the very same instant at which he rebelled; and all the legion that rebelled along with him; all the human spirits that requested to have a flock, a nation, with a king leading, belong to Satan’s legion; for all of you came out of Heaven; and even the demon came out of it; when the spirits are in Heaven, they acquire other creatures´ mores; as it occurs among you; for as above is below; Satan’s imitators, are spread among the religious , the rich, kings and the accursed who create philosophies of force; but, no demon will remain; the Living Word of the divine Father, purifies everything; it transforms everything; as it transformed the ancient world with the Mosaic Law; and later on with the Christian Doctrine; now it does it with the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; nothing easier for the Creator of the Universe, than transforming the worlds of flesh, with his Living Word; the very same Word that some heavenly instants ago said: LET THERE BE LIGHT AND THERE WAS LIGHT; the very same Word that created all Holy Scripture; the very same Word that gave you the Commandments; and the very same Word that judges you by means of intellectuality first, and by means of physical laws afterward; for every spirit requested it so; it requested to be tested out in the same Final Judgment; as it requested to be tested out at every instant in life; starting with the difficulties in interpreting my Scriptures; everything absolutely everything you requested it; even the most minimum details of the Science of the Lamb of God; this gives you an idea that even invisible things for you, are controlled from the Kingdom of Heavens; your unknown sensations; Justice is for your way of thinking; your ideas, your intentions; you yourselves requested it so in the Kingdom; and you also requested the forgetfulness that you have of your origin; the way and details in which you were created; but, you will know everything; for you requested to know on earth, the Light of the Lamb of God; you requested to be comforted in knowledge; you requested a New Doctrine; and you requested the surprise in the arrival of this Doctrine; the Doctrine of the Lamb of God, should have been known long time ago; the incredulity and materialism of the religious rock, hid the Truth from you; they have Scrolls of the Lamb; the first Scrolls were laid in their hands; for they were tested out; all spirit is tested out; these demons that teach a form of faith in which they do not even believe, requested to be the first ones in being in full knowledge of the Truth; and it was granted to them; the reason that they concealed the Truth, is because they have developed a selfish rock in their hearts; they are the ones who believe the least; they are influenced by the laws of material worship; a pharaohnic inheritance; which drives the person to be exalted; Verily I say unto you demons of worshipping, that no false one of my Word, will enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; no selfish rock will enter; cursed will you be by this generation and by those coming forth; because of you demons, this humanity will not enter into the Kingdom; for all of the seconds of life elapsed, were a living time in transgression;  all it takes is one second or less of any kind of transgression for no one to enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; and upon concealing the Truth to the world, the more you put this humanity further away from the Kingdom; for the more you perpetuated the error; the much greater is the number of seconds lived in  error; every second of transgression, is a heaven being closed to the creature; all of you must add up the seconds contained in a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year, and the number of seconds of your elapsed years ; and all calculation must be done from twelve years old onward; before that age, all spirit is innocent before God; and whosoever has maltreated one of my innocent ones  in deed or by word of mouth during a second or less,  suchlike ones will not enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; for they complained in the Kingdom, in other existences, they were maltreated as innocent; due to this it was written: DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS, WHAT YOU WOULD NOT LIKE THEM TO DO UNTO YOU; therefore no bad father or mother or stepfather or stepmother or tutor who had children under his or her charge, enters into my Kingdom; their destinies are subjected to the Justice of my innocent ones; for all lesser is great in the Kingdom of Heavens; Were you not taught that every meek is first before the Father? This means that all microscopic is first in the Justice of the Father Jehovah; therefore, your spirit is not first in the Kingdom; all of those whom your spirit despised on the earth are first; your spirits cannot request to be first; for you were commanded to be humble above all things; the last one is always meek; he does not brag of being himself important; Truly I say to you that everyone who bragged of being important in life, does not enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; although that undue importance, has lasted for a second or less than a second; and every evil-minded who has done so in the same proportion of time, does not enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; the downfall of this humanity, is due to the false and mundane concept, that the false moral of the religious rock inculcated into you; this harlot that for centuries and centuries has traded with the faith, has done the things according to her transitory interests; she did not take the meek into consideration; the meek does not surround himself with luxury; he does not deceive himself; for all the meek has gone through the things which those who look for dazzle are going through; all materialist is a retarded spirit; that gets fascinated with a microscopic present; moreover; they are ignorant of the Laws of the Spirit; such is the characteristics of the so-called popes; head of the harlot; these creatures are unknown in the Kingdom; for no one has entered; only the humble and plain ones enter; and every religion is also unknown; and even your dust-planet is it; this is because of infinite laws; one of them is that the Universe is Infinite; so infinite that all kind of fantasy becomes real; the other law is that each one makes up his own heaven; thus the so-called popes and their followers, who fostered a philosophy of material worship, created for themselves their worlds with such kind of philosophy; for every world is surrounded by a sky; and each one makes up his own heaven; the material worship is not a tree planted by the divine Father; and it is not known in the Kingdom; as it is not known any doctrine or science or sect, that has not taken the humble into consideration; For verily I say unto you, that this planet should have been ruled by the meek; for they are first in the Kingdom; they are first above, and so must they be below; the opposite has been done; the spirits who did not request it, rule this world; the spirits of darkness rule you; because in their positions, they do not do it in the name of Light; they do not mention me in their speeches; the goal for them is not the Creator; it is the ephemeral; that which only lasts a breath in the eternity; I read their minds; I see their calculations; for I am in all places; I see that they themselves build their worlds of darkness; verily I say unto you, proud and conceited rulers, that none of you will remain; and no one who has not taken my Commands into consideration will remain; if the meek had ruled over the world from the very beginning, I assure you that this world would have no need of judgment; the transgressors are the ones who create the judgments; no transgressor will ever enter into the Kingdom of the Father; the Law is in you yourselves; it has always been so; it is enough to think and you are creating your own judgment; matter and spirit think in their corresponding laws; for no one is disinherited; everyone has the same rights; no one is lesser before the Father; these rights are manifested in all imaginable ways; all kind of shape that you see in the world that you requested, you witnessed their requests; because before coming down to the planetary dwellings, covenants are first made with the elements of the future Nature; and everything that your eyes have seen, during your existence, you requested it in divine covenants; it is for this reason that matter and spirit have the right to request justice in the Living Universe of the Father Jehovah; matter and spirit, have a free will; independently one from the other; if it were not so; there would be no perfection in justice; there would be no balance in each one’s right; the Justice of the Father being one same one, becomes manifested in infinite ways; for nothing in Him, has got limits; all justice  originates from the same deeds performed by the creature; it is the salt of life, the one that gives shape to his justice; the salt of life is the same knowledge learned in an existence; and by virtue of their free will, the spirits do not progress uniformly in the attainment of knowledge; some are first and others afterward; this Law explains the physical inequality among you; all knowledge or salt of life learned, is perpetuated in you; but everything is relative to an infinite proportion; you yourselves create the trait and quality of your living relativities; the trait gives you the philosophy of your thinking; and the quality your spiritual hierarchy in the Kingdom of Heavens; the greatest quality is obtained with Meekness; followed by Joy and Labour; here is the complement of the Heavenly Communism in the Kingdom of Heavens; a Heavenly Communism, with the philosophy of a child; the one who did not cultivate joy during his life, does not enter into the Kingdom of Heavens; no idiot in mood will enter; although the idiocy or anger might have  come to be for a second or less; all of you promised in the Kingdom of Heavens, to be happy in life; imitating the same Heaven; you promised to be happy under any circumstance; you did not request to be idiots in mood; for you knew that this is unknown in the Kingdom; and you knew that if you were idiots, you would not enter into it; if in your existences you felt anger, this is due to the unjust system of life chosen by men; and the creators of such a system, shall pay for it in this Judgment; for they requested it so; and so will it be granted to them; over the demons who created the exploiting capitalism, all the weight of the divine Justice will fall over them; these demons of the ambition and predominance, promised the Eternal Father, to exalt his divine Law in this world; not, in becoming their own executioners; for this system of life, whose product is the science of good and comfort, is this world’s yoke; a yoke reaching its end; for the beginning of the New Times arrived; a New World with a New Time; a New Morality, with a New Destiny; was it not taught to you that the Creator restores all things? The Final Judgment starts with the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; a painful end; for all kind of transgression against the Law of the Father, only brings about pain; as you have experienced injustice in your lives; injustice derived from a system of life that the divine Father did not create; and which is unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens.-